Who can participate in the Second Academic and Knowledge Summit of the EU-CELAC?

Participation in the Second Academic and Knowledge Summit of the EU-CELAC is free and open to all groups involved in or interested in the fields of education, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, including students, teachers, researchers, university administrators, associations, institutions, and businesses.

How can I participate in the Summit?

In order to participate, you must access the registration form and fill in your details. You will then receive a confirmation email. When filling out the form, you can choose the sessions that you are interested in attending.


What is the parallel activities program?

This program will offer recreational and cultural activities that are free and accessible to all Summit attendees and anyone that is accompanying them. The activities are designed to help attendees become familiar with the cuisine and popular sites in Galicia.

Who can participate in these activities?

The parallel activities program is free and accessible to all. The activities are open to all Summit attendees and anyone that is accompanying them. If the required minimum number of participants is not reached for a particular activity, it may be subject to cancellation.

How can I participate to the parallel activities program?

To be able to participate in the proposed activities in the parallel activities program, you must go to the registration form, fill in your details, and select the activities that you wish to participate in. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Are places limited?

Yes, the recreational and cultural activities in the parallel activities program have a limited number of places available, and these places will be filled according to the order in which participants register. For this reason, we advise those that are interested in participating to register as soon as possible. The number of activities that one can participate in will also be limited two per person.

If I sign up to an activity, can I cancel my registration?

Yes. To cancel your registration, you must send an email to with the name and date of the activity that you were registered for, along with your full name. We ask that, if you do cancel, you do so with sufficient notice so that others can have the chance to participate in and enjoy these activities.

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