The First EU-CELAC Academic and Knowledge Summit was held at the University of El Salvador in 2017 "Towards the construction of a Euro-Latin American and Caribbean Common Space of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation".

It was held as part of the CELAC-EU Knowledge Week, an initiative of the European Commission together with the Salvadoran government in its capacity as the PPT of the CELAC, and it brought together more than 400 teachers, researchers, students, and university administrators, as well as numerous institutional representatives and officials.

As part of the first Academic and Knowledge Summit at the University of San Salvador, the CELAC-EU University Council was also established as an organization and institutional forum for dialogue, consultation, and cooperation between universities, councils, conferences, associations as well as university networks.

The Declaration of El Salvador entrusted the higher education institutions and networks that were part of the Planning Committee for the First Academic and Knowledge Summit, together with the CELAC-EU University Council, with taking the steps to fulfill the agreements outlined in the Declaration.

Galicia was named as the location for the Second Academic and Knowledge Summit before the CELAC-EU University Council at the plenary session held in Guadalajara, Mexico, on November 23, 2017.

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